Dreamcloud Mattress Bad Reviews

Are there Dreamcloud Mattress Negative Reviews?

As a hybrid mattress, the DreamCloud meets many of our criteria for what a quality bed should provide. With 8 unique layers of comfort and support, the DreamCloud uses all the right materials in its construction.

From the tufted cashmere cover that gives good airflow, to the gel memory foam in the uppermost comfort layer, the DreamCloud is designed to promote a cooler night’s sleep. Resting below are a mix of memory foam and latex layers, meaning this bed includes better quality comfort materials than most other hybrids.

Even though it uses multiple memory foam layers, as a Medium Firm feel, there is no hug or significant contouring to the bed. If you’re looking to sink into a mattress, move on from the DreamCloud.

A pocketed coil support core keeps you aligned all night long, especially so for all you back sleepers out there.

To learn more about everything the DreamCloud has to offer, including our ratings and recommendations, pricing information, and construction details, read on.

Luxurious construction at a relatively low price-point.
Lightweight and fairly easy to move.
Free delivery for customers in the contiguous 48 states.
365-night sleep trial and lifetime warranty with minimal fees for owners.
Financing available through Affirm

Limited size availability.
Weak edge support for a coil support base.
The firmer feel doesn’t meet some lighter weight sleeper’s comfort preference.


Delivery of the DreamCloud mattress is FREE! It is compressed and roll-packed into a cardboard box before being delivered straight to your doorstep. It usually takes 8-10 business days from the time you buy until the bed arrives (but it could be sooner, depending upon your location).

Once you receive the mattress we recommend bringing it to the room you want it in before opening it. After it is in the desired room remove it from the box using scissors to cut the plastic – but be very careful not to damage the fabric of the bed when you do so. Once the plastic is cut free you can watch your bed expand! It will be fully expanded within 24 hours or so, but you will be able to sleep on it before then.

DreamCloud take the delivery service one step further with their White Glove delivery service. They state on their website that they will hand deliver the mattress to your desired room and set it up for you. They will also clear up all the packaging, and even remove your old mattress so you don’t have to.

With their free delivery and commitment to doing the heavy lifting for their customers, the DreamCloud gets full marks in this section.


As the DreamCloud is opened and starts expanding quickly you will only notice a slight ‘new mattress’ smell. ‘Off-Gassing’ to me is a slightly misleading term, because no matter what brand you are looking at, they are going to have a smell. Natural and organic mattresses often times have the strongest smell, even though people associate them with no gassing.

A smell is normal and no matter what brand you buy there will be some smell. I associate it with a new car or a new shoe smell. In most cases the smell will either be gone or very faint within 12-36 hours. I would recommend using a mattress protector; so once the mattress airs out you should apply your protector under your sheets, and by then there should barely be any smell at all.

For maximum effect, stand the mattress up on its own to allow it to air better, but at the end of the day, the ‘new bed smell’ is just a normal part of buying a mattress.

With that said, the compartmentalised, hybrid design of the DreamCloud actually results in less off-gassing than typical, modern memory-foam mattresses.

The DreamCloud mattress is already impressive enough with its whopping 15 inches tall profile, that of which is exceptional for a mattress. Its eight-layer construction comprises of wrapped coil components and foam, which seamlessly to provide the sleeper with a comfortable pressure relief and firm innerspring lift.

2″ Top Comfort Layer
This layer is 2″ of TrueTufted cashmere top cover that provides comfort and the luxurious aesthetic to the mattress. The DreamCloud is hand tufted which is something that you usually find in mattresses costing 3 or 4 times more.

.5″ Cooling Layer
This layer is .5″ of Gel Infused Memory Foam that provides a cooling effect to the top layers of the mattress.

1.75″ Comfort Layer
This 1.75″ layer of soft Quilted Memory Foam designed to provide pressure relief and comfort.

.5″ Response Layer
This layer is .5″ of natural hypoallergenic latex designed to provide bounce and contour.

.25″ Support Layer
This .25″ layer of DreamPlush supportive memory foam that provides additional body contouring.

.5″ Transition Layer
This layer .5″ of DreamPlush is a high-density supportive memory foam that works to provide a transition layer between the upper comfort layers and the lower coil support layer.

8″ Support Layer
This layer is an 8″ high-quality steel pocketed innerspring coils with 5-zone layers that provide exceptional support to the body. It has a varying stiffness that depends on the zone which gives you the support where it is needed most.

1.5″ Base Foundation Layer
This layer is a final 1.5″ of high density extremely soft memory foam that provides the foundation layer of the mattress with deep compression support.



DreamCloud’s cashmere cover is breathable, soft and is tufted into the other layers to prevent bunching.

The manufacturing of DreamCloud mattress can be considered as artisanal. Artisan stitchers hand-anchor a EuroTop to dense foam base by using authentic double tufts, a stitch that gives unmatched craftsmanship and lasting durability.

In case you don’t know, double tufting is a distinct process of affixing the mattress layers from top to bottom to create a unique mattress with both soft and firm feel. Apart from its first-rate composition, the cover is made more explicit with its golden hue and plush hand tufting.


This impressive mattress will work great on any solid surface. The floor, platform slats, box spring or foundation and they now offer an adjustable base as well.

It will work on an adjustable base but if you are looking to bend it a ton to site straight up, it might be a little thick to work with. But it will bend to a point just fine if you are looking for partial elevation.


The DreamCloud aims as high as the clouds in its name, with 8 layers of premium bedding materials that combine to produce a weightless, serene sleep.

The pocketed coil base is quiet enough to make you forget it’s there, but when you lay down on the mattress you will definitely feel the benefit it provides. The springs provide a support base for the multi-layered memory foam on top, allowing for better pressure-relief than purely memory-foam mattresses.

The coils are contained in 5 zones throughout the mattress, which means the right part of the mattress responds at the right moment, without bending and warping the entire surface. This can be felt the moment you sit on the mattress – it takes your weight comfortably without creating a giant sink-hole that makes everything roll towards you.

DreamCloud advertise the mattress as a 6.5 on the firmness scale, which they describe as the sweet spot between too soft and too firm. This matches with the horde of online reviewers who praise the mattress’s ability to ‘hug you’, while still being firm enough to provide good back and muscle support.

The first thing you’ll notice about the mattress is the tufted surface which actually resembles a network of little clouds. The ‘clouds’ on the surface are made out of a highly breathable, super-soft cashmere, and you will still feel the benefit of these even of you decide to use a mattress-protector.

The DreamCloud can be used with any base, or no base. It can be used on the floor, on a slatted bed, and even on adjustable beds.

Overall, the DreamCloud delivers a level of comfort in line with its luxury reputation and premium price.


While the amount of motion experienced on any given mattress will be subject to individual weight, the DreamCloud achieves a great level of overall stability while remaining responsive on the surface.

The foam layers amount to 9.5 inches, with 2 inches of cashmere on top. The sheer amount of grip and friction created by these layers is key in reducing motion and sinkage. With the new Hybrid mattresses you get the motion isolation normally associated with memory-foam mattresses, combined with the structural bounce and strength of a spring-mattress.

The DreamCloud is a pleasure to move around, whether you’re sitting, sleeping, working, or just propped up on your elbow watching the television.

It easily supports a couple, with not much partner disruption. For those of you who allow your dog on your bed, the disruption felt by your pet’s movement will be kept to a minimum.

Overall the DreamCloud works well to combat the disruption felt by your natural movements.


It’s all well and good having a good mattress, but are you getting the whole mattress? A high edge support rating is a sign of quality, and means you’re getting the most bounce for your buck. You wouldn’t buy a set of curtains that only covered the center of the window, and you wouldn’t buy a bed that only functioned properly in the middle.

With that in mind, the DreamCloud has incorporated an extra foam support around the edges. Meanwhile, the tightly bound nature of the foam layers on top of the springy coil means the entire bed is able to be used comfortably.

Most common mattresses will suffer around the edges with prolonged use. But Hybrid mattresses have a leg up with their combination of foam and coils. The DreamCloud lives up to its premium reputation in terms of its edge support. There is no danger of rolling off the edge, or feeling hemmed in by weak edges on this mattress.

The best way to make a buying decision is to check out real customer reviews… The DreamCloud Mattress Reviews

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