This kit is fully tested and guaranteed to work in your Dell SX-270. Click Here for a quick guide to the SX270 board.

Capacitor kit for Dell SX-270
Capacitor kit for Dell SX-270
Item# SX-270

Product Description

This Kit includes the following Capacitors:

2X Nichicon HZ 2200uF 6.3v 10mm

10X Nichicon HN 1800uf 6.3v 8mm

5X Panasonic FR 820uf 6.3v 8mm

5X Nichicon HZ 1800uf 16v 10mm

1X Nichicon HN 1000uf 16v 8mm

1X Rubycon MCZ 680uF 10v 8mm

*All of the capacitors in the kit are the exact same size and ratings as the originals.

* If your searching for the 10th 6.3v 1800uF it is a blank spot at the end of the row of 6.3v 1800uFs by the fan shroud power connector.

Links: Dell Support for SX270