Sunon MagLev - Long Life, Low Heat, Low Noise

Sunon KDE1207PHV1 70X70X15mm
Sunon KDE1207PHV1 70X70X15mm
Item# SunonKDE1207

Product Description

These fans are perfect to replace the failed ADDA fans in GX-520 and GX-620 SFF power supplies.

The GX-520 SFF power supply is model: H220P-01, P/N: HP-L2206F3P, Dell P/N: YD358.

The GX-620 SFF power supply is model: H27SP-00, P/N: HP-L275GF3P, Dell P/N: TD570

Sunon Part Number: KDE1207PHV1

Voltage: 12v

Amps: .16

Watts: 1.9

Speed: 3300 RPM

Air Flow: 27 CFM

Noise: 31.5 dBA

Sunon Maglev Specs