Why use conductive polymer aluminum solid capacitors?

They have ultra low ESR, are very temperature resistant, long life, and a high ripple current capability. You have probably seen them on high end video cards and motherboards. Polymer capacitors have lower ESR so you can replace wet electrolytics with them but use about half the capacitance value.

I uploaded some pictures of a Dell Optiplex GX-270 that I recapped with Polys HERE

Chemi-Con Spec sheet

Capacitorlab.com article about polymer capacitors

Polymer Capacitors that I stock:

2.5v 820uF Chemi-Con

2.5v 820uF Nichicon LE

2.5v 820uF Fujitsu FPCap

4v 560uF Sanyo OS-CON SEPC

6.3v 470uF Nichicon LE

6.3v 820uF Nichicon LE

6.3v 1800uF Nichicon LG

16v 820uF Nichicon LG