This kit is fully tested and guaranteed to work in your Dell GX-620 SFF. Click Here for a quick guide to the GX620 SFF board.

Capacitor kit for Dell GX-620 SFF
Item# GX620SFF

Product Description

This kit contains the following capacitors:

5X Nichicon HN 6.3v 1800uF 8X20mm

1X Nichicon HN 16v 1000uF 8X20mm

4X Nichicon HZ 6.3v 2200uF 10X20mm

29X Rubycon ZLH 16v 220uF 6.3mm

Other Links:

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****Beware of other kits online that do not include the 16v 220uF capacitors because these fail on 90% of the machines I have seen.****