This kit is fully tested and guaranteed to work in your Dell GX-620 USFF. Click Here for a quick guide to the GX620 board.

Capacitor kit for Dell GX-620 USFF
Capacitor kit for Dell GX-620 USFF
Item# GX620

Product Description

This kit contains the following capacitors:

7X Nichicon HZ 6.3v 2200uF 10mm

14X Nichicon HN 6.3v 1800uF 8mm

5X Panasonic FR 6.3v 820uF 8mm

4X Nichicon HN 16v 1000uF 8mm

3X Rubycon HZ 16v 1500uF 10mm

11X Rubycon ZLH 16v 220uF 6.3mm (replace the ones under the hard drive)

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****Beware of other kits online that do not include the 16v 220uF capacitors because these fail on 90% of the machines I have seen.****