This kit is fully tested and guaranteed to work in your Dell GX-280. This kit will work for all form factors so you may have a couple caps left over depending on which one you have.

Capacitor kit for Dell GX-280 with Polymer capacitors
Capacitor kit for Dell GX-280 with Polymer capacitors
Item# GX280Poly

Product Description

This kit uses 820uF 2.5v Fujitsu FPCap conductive polymer aluminum solid capacitors to replace the 1800uF 6.3v Rubycon aluminum electrolytic capacitors found in our other GX-280 kit. Polymer capacitors have a much longer life and are not affected by heat nearly as much as their electrolytic counterparts. This change has been tested and does not pose any issues. These polymer capacitors are usually found on high end video cards and motherboards and used frequently by overclockers. The only downside to polymer replacement caps has been the cost and availability; I got a great deal on these and am keeping the price low! The voltage change will not matter because the vcore on these is never more than 1.75v, most are around 1.47v so 2.5v leaves a good margin. The capacitance change is ok due to the Super low ESR and high ripple current rating of the polymer. article about polymer capacitors

Nippon Chemi-Com Poly Application Notes

This Kit includes the following capacitors:

15X 820uF 2.5v Fujitsu FPCap polymer

5X Rubycon MCZ 1500uf 6.3v 10mm

3X Rubycon MCZ 820uf 6.3v 8mm

3X Nichicon HN 1000uf 16v 8mm

4X Rubycon MCZ 470uF 16v 8mm