Rubycon MCZ 820uf 6.3v 8X11.5mm

Rubycon MCZ 820uf 6.3v 8X11.5mm
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Product Description

** Rubycon has discontinued the MCZ series. These will be replaced by Nichicon HN or HZ. The HN series is the direct replacement and the HZ is an upgrade. **

Nichicon HN 6.3v 820uF 8X11.5mm

Rubycon part number: 6.3MCZ820M8X11.5

Rated Voltage: 6.3v

Rated Capacitance: 820uF

Capacitance Tolerance: 20%

Temperature Range: -40 to 105C

Rated Ripple Current: 1340

ESR: 21

Diameter: 8mm

Height: 11.5mm

K vent on top