Rubycon MCZ 1800uf 6.3v 8mm

Rubycon MCZ 1800uf 6.3v 8mm
Item# 631800
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Product Description

** Rubycon has discontinued the MCZ series. These will be replaced by Nichicon HN or HZ. The HN series is very close in specs to the MCZ and the HZ series is actually better. **

Nichicon HZ 1800uf 6.3v 8X20mm

Nichicon HN 1800uf 6.3v 8X20mm

Rubycon part number: 6.3MCZ1800M8X20

Rated Voltage: 6.3v

Rated Capacitance: 1800uF

Capacitance Tolerance: 20%

Temperature Range: -40 to 105C

Rated Ripple Current: 2350

ESR: 12

Diameter: 8mm

Height: 20mm

K vent on top